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Tips Super Mario Run for Android

On this opponrtunity we want to present you the best tips for Super Mario Run Video game. As many of yours may know, Super Mario Run is a new platform video game developed by Nintendo for mobile devices bieng this one a mixture of fun, skill and luck.


As well as we said before, we offer you the best tips to play remarcably well this video game and pass quiclky trhough the levels. Like his different games, Mario has to sort out a lot of problems and barriers to gain control. By this time, Mario is running all the time and has to be able to get coins and lives,

The clue to get to the goal is to run in a medium speed and at the same time looking for the most comfortable departures. Dont worry if you left behind several coins, you will surely get them on the other level. Just keep in mind that Mario has to avoid being kept by monsters, snails and several obstacles.

Another tip that is not always told in to jump twice above the obstacles in doing so, you will defiting the enemy and catching more lives as well. However, be alert not to jump minutes earlier than the nail or the monster because it will be them who will catch you.

To be able to play it, you must have an Android S.O cell phone, and be constantly connected to the Internet since this game needs wifi to play it.

There is a link beneath to download it, press it and all in a sudden you will be playing the most popular game.

Download Super Mario Run For Android

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