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Download Pureple for Android

This amazing app comes to solve one of our every day problem: what should I wear today? Yes, the question is very simple, but it enclosures a huge complexity. Pureple assists us to solve this problem suggesting outfits from our own wardrobe. This fashion app was chosen by the most important reviewers of newspapers, blogs and portals such as Refinery29, StarTribune, Washington Post as #1 outfit planner and closet organizer app. Are you ready to try…Seguir leyendo

Download Summertime Saga for Android

If you are looking for some summer fun, we recommend you Summertime Saga, a new Dating Sim/Visual Novel game that you cannot miss. We have to say that nowadays is in beta, but is fully playable and you will enjoy it for sure. If you want to start playing and getting in touch with it, continue reading and find out how to download Summertime Saga for Android.   According to…Seguir leyendo

Download Emus4U for Android

Every gamer had the disappointing moment when we are desperate to play a game, but the app is not free or not available for our device operative system. So, that is what this emulation app comes to solve. Emus4U is the new “jailbreak”, and it has a decent amount of emulators, tweaked and modified apps and loads of other content, and the best part is that they are all for free. We have a…Seguir leyendo

Download tbh for Android

It seems that nowadays, the anonymous apps are at the top of the most downloaded apps. Now we have on the App Store, tbh short for the phrase “to be honest” as the new success. After the enormous amount of downloads of Sarahah this app changes a little bit the concept of anonymity. On the one hand, it allows friends to anonymously communicate, but it only allows users to exchange compliments which are sent…Seguir leyendo


Download Football Manager Mobile 2018 for Android

Football Manager Mobile saga has a new release that will be available the on November 10. On this same that, Football Manager will be also release for PC, on operative systems such as Linux, Mac and Windows.  In all these platforms will also be available Football Manager Touch 2018, which can be purchased independently on PC, but will be included free with each copy of Football Manager 2018. The game can now…Seguir leyendo

Download Dropmix for Android

Music is present in our lives daily. Whatever the type, we all love listening to music; each one has its own preferences, but one thing is for sure: we have all have a favorite song, band or music style. That is what the guys from Hasbro understood, and they captured the public. They created Dropmix, defined by them as a “dynamic and fast-paced music-mixing game“. It will be soon available for…Seguir leyendo

Download Stop Trump for Android

Even the most reluctants to politics are aware of the existance of this man, famous not only for his place, being president of United States, but for the fact that he generates controversy all around the world. Developers are of course also aware of this, and they took advantage: they created Stop Trump a game for smartphones you to have plenty of fun of this situation. We are going to…Seguir leyendo

Download brutal.io for Android

Today we bring to you, as always, the best game for Android for you to have fun in your free times and wherever to want. This time, we will talk about brutal.io, an interesting IO game, from which we are all use to have. Inspite this games are already knwon, they all have very different play modes and plots. We recomend you to read the hole article, if you do, you will…Seguir leyendo

Download ovar.io for Android

In the last months, .io games have been a common thing for us, lovers of games for Android. Almost every week, we have a new .io games of Miniclip, and each one has its magic and a different plot. But they all share the same characteristic: they are absolutely addictive games. The novelty of this weekend is ovari.io, a strange game that we will recomend you to try, because it is…Seguir leyendo

Download Celebs Like Me App for Android

You have probably always wondered “what celebs look like me?”. This question was often answered by your friends, relatives or even by yourself. Well, now, thanks to the advance of technology and the creativity of developers, we have an app that tells us what celeb do you look alike. Continue reading this article, you will find how to download Celebs Like Me App for Android. I am pretty shure that all the…Seguir leyendo