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Pokémon Go for Android

A few years ago Google Maps and The Pokemon Company joined a joke for all fans of these incredible creatures. A supposed advance of a trailer where there was a version of Google Maps where you could travel the world to capture Pokémon was shown. Amazing really?. It was so well done that many of us were disappointed that it was a joke , as we heard days later.

Pokemon go for android

Pokémon would be the best game and spectacular of all the history. A year and a few months later comes to light a new trailer with similar content . But this time everything has come true. Stay reading the article and you ‘ll find out in a lot of details and how to download Pokémon Go for Android.

Pokémon Go is a dream comes true. This game is development by Niantic, and founded by Google, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. This game will allows you to travel arround the world of Pokémons.

Go Pokémon uses real-world locations to deposit these cuddly creatures. This encourages players to travel the world to meet Pokemon. So far the original Pokemon games like Pokemon Red and Pokemon Emerald Pokemon X among others, have been inspired by real cities and countries to create their regions. But now Pokemon Go used the real world as a place of play. It also can connect to the original games and battle with friends. But in this new game you can explore your neighborhood, city or the world and fight alongside your friends and meet new people to challenge them to a duel or exchange Pokemon.

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  • 12th January 2016
    Descargar Pokemon Go para Windows Phone | Nokia y Android:

    […] Pokemon Go usa locaciones del mundo real para para depositar a estas adorables criaturas. Esto alienta a los jugadores a recorrer el mundo para encontrarse con Pokemon. Hasta ahora los juegos originales de Pokemon, como Pokemon Rojo, Pokemon Esmeralda y Pokemon X entre otros, se han inspirado en ciudades y países reales para crear sus regiones. Pero ahora Pokemon Go utilizara el verdadero mundo como lugar de juego. También se puede en los juegos originales conectarte y batallar con amigos. Pero en este nuevo juego puedes recorrer tu vecindario, ciudad o el mundo y luchar junto a tus amigos y conocer nueva gente para retarlos a un duelo o intercambiar pokemons. Si necesitas la versión de Pokémon en ingles te la dejamos aquí […]

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