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Download Hyperlapse from Instagram for Android

Hyperlapse its the new Android app developed by the creators of Instagram. This app will allow us to create accelerated videos, wich will look amazing. This app is being downloaded by thousand of people and it is becoming a trend between photo and video apps. With this app you can easily create funny and amazing videos and share it with your friends in Instagram. The app has a lot of…Seguir leyendo

Download IntoLive for Android

IntoLive is an Android app that allows you to convert, quickly and easily, a video file or a GIF into a live photo. A live photo is a short video of 5 seconds with weird and funny movements. We can choose from any photogram of the live photo to be the cover of the file. Its really easy to share all your live photos in the social media like: Instagram,…Seguir leyendo

Download My Blend for Android

My Blend is the best Android app for sending and receiving mails. One of the best functions of this app is that it splits the mails from your personal contacts, from mails received by blog, forums, pages and brands. That way you can easily reach any mail you are looking for, without seeing all that spam from pages and forums. It is recommend to download this mail app for Android…Seguir leyendo

Download Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The new update for Android‘s operating system has arrive: Marshmallow 6.0. This new updates are available for Nexus, Galaxy, Moto, and LG smartphones. This new update  provides a new direct acces to the camera. You can set the silent profile until your alarm clock rings, so yo can sleep quietly all night, without any messages or call that disturbs you. You can acces Google Now from the lock screen. You…Seguir leyendo


Download Youtube Connect for Android

YouTube Connect is the alternative from Google to apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope and others apps to share moments by streaming short videos. The users of this Android app will be able to create a profile with personal information and share photos and videos with their friends. YouTube Connect works like other streaming apps. You can upload a video and it will be seen by all your friends in a…Seguir leyendo

Download Exploding Kittens for Android

Exploding Kittens its a card game in wich you will need lucky to win. The game is similiar as the Russian Roulette. Every player has to pick cards until the get a exploding kitten.All of the other cards in the deck are used to move, mitigate, or avoid the Exploding Kittens. A player may play as many or as few cards as they choose during their turn, but must end…Seguir leyendo

Download FaceTime for Android

FaceTime is an Android app that allows you to make and receive videocalls. All the windows, controls and interface dissapears from the screen so you can talk without distractions. There is a second window in wich you can see how the other user sees you. Everytime another user calls you, you will receive a phone call in all your Android devices conected with FaceTime, although the app is closed. If…Seguir leyendo

Download Inquire for Android

Inquire is an app for Android in wich you will be able to read about the most important news and events from around the world. It has an algoritm that sends you news, posts and articles based on your localization, interests and previous readings. Inquire will also send you articles from Wikipedia about your circle of interests form a lot of diferents subjects. You will also receive promotions and offers…Seguir leyendo

Download Miitomo for Android

Today we are going to present the first game of Nintendo, a spectacular game for mobile phones that aims to customize the avatar used in the Wii, Wii U consoles and 3DS portable to all players who use them to identify themselves in the teams. Miitomo for android It also has instant messaging capabilities among all users who have it, it is free and will have a freemium mode, with…Seguir leyendo

Download Peeple for Android

Peeple is an application that promises to be the next great app of the moment in all the download stores. We are talking about iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It was launched the 7th of march of this year. It is an app that allows us to vote and leave comments, recommend and be recommended in the following 3 categories: Professional, Personal, and Dating. The app allows you to safely manage your…Seguir leyendo