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Download Pyro for Android

Pyro is an interesting music app for Android phones. This app creates automatic playlist with the music of your library phone and it reproduce it imitating a dj. Pyro will pass from song to song in the perfect moment and it will put some nice effects, like a dj would do. With Pyro you will transform your music into a living disco. This Android app is recommended for people that…Seguir leyendo

Download Infltr for Android

Infltr is a big library for filters in your Android phone. Its a photo app that has been impulsed because of the cuantity of users that uses filters in their photos. Infltr has almost 5 millions of filters that you can modify, combine and then, insert in you photos. The filters are really easy to modify and apply, you just need a few touches in the screen and you will…Seguir leyendo

Download Legend of Zelda for Android

The Legend of Zelda is one of the best adventure and action games that you will find in the Android market. You have to help our bravest hero Link to travel around the world in dangerous and amazing paths, caves and forests and save the princess Zelda. She has fallen in the hands of Ganondorf and you have to defeat him to save the princess of Hyrule. You have to…Seguir leyendo

Activate video calling on Whatsapp for Android

Nowadays WhatsApp is the most recognized and most used application in the smartphones world. It has transform how we communicate and it is the leader in chats apps. Its almost impossible to find a smartphone, Apple, Android or Windows Phone, without WhatsApp. In this article you will find out how to reive and make calls via WhatsApp and have a better comunication quality with your friends and family. We recommend…Seguir leyendo


Download Chatbot for Android

Chatbot is the new Mark Zuckerbergs app for Android. It will work with Facebooks Messenger. Chatbot is not only an artificial inteligence to talk with, like Siri on Iphone. Other develpers can use Chatbox to build their own artificial intelligence. This released will change the way we see our smartphones and application markets because we will hae in our phone several types of robots that will be able to do all…Seguir leyendo

Download MSQRD Masks for Android

MSQRD is one of the funniest and interesting app at the moment. Ih has been downloaded by millions of people and it has invaded all the social networks, specially Instagram and Snapchat. With this app you can add a mask or filter that makes your face look like other person or animal. In this post we will give you new MSQRD masks, so you can surprise your friends with this…Seguir leyendo

Download Pokemon Trading Card Game for Android

Pokemon Trading Card Game, also known as TCG,   is a card game from the recognized franchise Pokemon. Is a way to battle, trade and learn with pokemon by using diferent cards, in a mechanic similar to Yu Gi Oh. Recently The Pokemon Company released an Android app that will allow you to play with this amazing cards and prove your friends you are the best Pokemon trainer. Ij this game you…Seguir leyendo

Download MSQRD filters for Android

Today we bring more information about the app of the moment, that has touched the hearts of the people and it is being downloaded from every smartphone. We are talking about MSQRD the app that enables you to change your face and to add effects and filters to it. The app is being used by the most famous people and this made MSQRD the best app of the moment. In…Seguir leyendo

Download Tekken for Android

Tekken is the best worlds fighting brand, with over 34 million units sold. Recently the franchise has produce a new Android game. It has the quality of a console game, with amazing graphics, mechanics and movements. You will be able to use 40 famous characters from Tekken brand like Eddie, Marshall, Nina and Kasuya. If you are a fan of the saga or a fan of 2d fighting game you…Seguir leyendo

Download Reddit for Android

Today we present Reddit, one of the most recognized and important comunities on internet, where we can find plenty information about several topics, chatrooms with diferent topics and more useful tools.  It is well known around the world and now the manufacterers anunced that its now available on the Android market. You can put the links of blogs, forums, chatrooms and pages and the comunity will rate it. If your…Seguir leyendo