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Download Slither.io for Android

Slither is the new Android game that is being played by millions of people already. Its mechanics are similar to Agario. Your objective is to control a little snake and eat the most dots you can. When you eat a dot you become larger and larger. The largest snake in the room is the winner of the room and every other snake should try to become larger than it. Slither.io is…Seguir leyendo

Download Facie for Android

Facie is an amazing Android app that it has been devoloped with the objective of allow the users to take the best selfies. With this app you have to select a photo from your gallery or take a new one and the magic begins. With Facie you will be able to take the best selfies and share them with your friends easily in the social media. There are a lot…Seguir leyendo

Download Facebook Live for Android

Facebook has lauched his new app: Facebook Live. This Android app allows the user to upload videos with the Livestream service. The interface of Facebook Live is divided in two. In the left area you can see the video that is being streamed at the moment, and in the right side there is a sidebar in wich you can chat with the people who is watching the stream and ask…Seguir leyendo

Download Bet365 for Android

Bet365, the online gambling house,  has launched an Android app. With this app you can predict sports scores and win money. All the gambles are ruled by the UK Gambling Comission, so they are really secure and legal. Bet365 is one of the most recognized and famous online gambling house. Also you can play some casino and card games. Millions of users in over 200 countries, 4 decades of longivity…Seguir leyendo


Download Bwin for Android

Bwin is one of the most popular and recognize online gambling house nowadays. Recently the have developed an Android app and we bring you all the information about it. You will see thousand of bets and millions of users around the world everyday. This gambling house is ruled by the stock market of Viena. Your financial situation is garantized thanks to the notorius sevices that Bwin offers. If you like…Seguir leyendo

Download Hyperlapse from Instagram for Android

Hyperlapse its the new Android app developed by the creators of Instagram. This app will allow us to create accelerated videos, wich will look amazing. This app is being downloaded by thousand of people and it is becoming a trend between photo and video apps. With this app you can easily create funny and amazing videos and share it with your friends in Instagram. The app has a lot of…Seguir leyendo

Download IntoLive for Android

IntoLive is an Android app that allows you to convert, quickly and easily, a video file or a GIF into a live photo. A live photo is a short video of 5 seconds with weird and funny movements. We can choose from any photogram of the live photo to be the cover of the file. Its really easy to share all your live photos in the social media like: Instagram,…Seguir leyendo

Download My Blend for Android

My Blend is the best Android app for sending and receiving mails. One of the best functions of this app is that it splits the mails from your personal contacts, from mails received by blog, forums, pages and brands. That way you can easily reach any mail you are looking for, without seeing all that spam from pages and forums. It is recommend to download this mail app for Android…Seguir leyendo

Download Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The new update for Android‘s operating system has arrive: Marshmallow 6.0. This new updates are available for Nexus, Galaxy, Moto, and LG smartphones. This new update  provides a new direct acces to the camera. You can set the silent profile until your alarm clock rings, so yo can sleep quietly all night, without any messages or call that disturbs you. You can acces Google Now from the lock screen. You…Seguir leyendo

Download Youtube Connect for Android

YouTube Connect is the alternative from Google to apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope and others apps to share moments by streaming short videos. The users of this Android app will be able to create a profile with personal information and share photos and videos with their friends. YouTube Connect works like other streaming apps. You can upload a video and it will be seen by all your friends in a…Seguir leyendo