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Download MSQRD Masks for Android

MSQRD is one of the funniest and interesting app at the moment. Ih has been downloaded by millions of people and it has invaded all the social networks, specially Instagram and Snapchat. With this app you can add a mask or filter that makes your face look like other person or animal. In this post we will give you new MSQRD masks, so you can surprise your friends with this…Seguir leyendo

Download Pokemon Trading Card Game for Android

Pokemon Trading Card Game, also known as TCG,   is a card game from the recognized franchise Pokemon. Is a way to battle, trade and learn with pokemon by using diferent cards, in a mechanic similar to Yu Gi Oh. Recently The Pokemon Company released an Android app that will allow you to play with this amazing cards and prove your friends you are the best Pokemon trainer. Ij this game you…Seguir leyendo

Download MSQRD filters for Android

Today we bring more information about the app of the moment, that has touched the hearts of the people and it is being downloaded from every smartphone. We are talking about MSQRD the app that enables you to change your face and to add effects and filters to it. The app is being used by the most famous people and this made MSQRD the best app of the moment. In…Seguir leyendo

Download Tekken for Android

Tekken is the best worlds fighting brand, with over 34 million units sold. Recently the franchise has produce a new Android game. It has the quality of a console game, with amazing graphics, mechanics and movements. You will be able to use 40 famous characters from Tekken brand like Eddie, Marshall, Nina and Kasuya. If you are a fan of the saga or a fan of 2d fighting game you…Seguir leyendo


Download Reddit for Android

Today we present Reddit, one of the most recognized and important comunities on internet, where we can find plenty information about several topics, chatrooms with diferent topics and more useful tools.  It is well known around the world and now the manufacterers anunced that its now available on the Android market. You can put the links of blogs, forums, chatrooms and pages and the comunity will rate it. If your…Seguir leyendo

Download Celebs Like Me App for Android

You have probably always wondered “what celebs look like me?”. This question was often answered by your friends, relatives or even by yourself. Well, now, thanks to the advance of technology and the creativity of developers, we have an app that tells us what celeb do you look alike. Continue reading this article, you will find how to download Celebs Like Me App for Android. I am pretty shure that all the…Seguir leyendo

Download Acestream for Android

Acestream is a video app that allows the user to watch streaming content by p2p technollogy. This means that you download the videos you want to see from another user that is already watching it or sharing it, and not from a server. In this Android app the quality of the video and sound gets higher while the peolple that is watching gets higher too. The more people, the more…Seguir leyendo

Download Bumper Jump for Android

Bumper Jump is a funny arcade game for Android that consist in trying to reach the most posible altitude and gain a lot of points. You are a little alien and your family has forgotten you in Earth. You must touch the screen so your alien can jump in the air and keep fliyng. You must be cautious because there are a lot of obstacles like planes, birds, thunderbolts and…Seguir leyendo

Download SimSimi for Android

Today we’re going to bring the new app of the moment, which has generated thousands of downloads and a fun atmosphere among all users. With Simsimi you will conduct a question and answer conversation where he will try to answer with the funniest answer you can imagine. You can teach words tell you about events and then play with all your friends. Download SimSimi for Android. You can not just…Seguir leyendo

Download Ink Hunter for Android

Today we are going to present a new market novelty. An interesting application that aims to show you how you would a tattoo in real time on any part of your body. For those undecided and do not know how they could become a real tattoo, we will bring the solution. Download InkHunter for Android. With this app, users will see as will become a tattoo before they let them….Seguir leyendo