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Download Sea Hero Quest for Android

Today we will present Sea Quest Hero a great game credo by scientists Universsity College London and University of East Anglia and Alzheimer’s Reasearch people to fight dementia people. You’ll have to play chasing strange magical creatures under the sea. Download Sea Hero Quest for Android. The aim of the game is to collect starfish and use them to enhance and customize your ship with new colors, flags, and other…Seguir leyendo

Download PieMessage for Android

The instant messaging application lets you send SMS messages payment but when detected that the recipient has an iPhone or iPad that’s when iMessage is activated and the message will be completely free. So far it was free for iOS devices PieMessage but now Android users can access free of charge to them. Download PieMessage for Android. As if they had an iPhone, Android users can send free messages through…Seguir leyendo

Download PES 2017 for Android

PES 2017 is one of the best simulator football game in the market. Now it is available for Android phones and you will be able to download and play it at the bottom of the article. Every football fan was waiting for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 to be available to play on smartphones. The new game of the saga comes with big changes and awesome updates. The game looks better…Seguir leyendo

Download Ampido for Android

Today we’ll introduce the new mobile application Ampido where you can find fenced parking available where you are. With it will be very easy to find place that today is one of the great problems of drivers and especially in highly charged area of ​​the city. Download Ampido for Android. With Ampido we can find easy parking place, navigate straight there and use any means of payment to leave the…Seguir leyendo


Download Animal Crossing for Android

Today we present Animal Crossing for Android, one of the greatest and most recognized Nintendo game of life simulation. In Animal Crossing we will live in a little village with a lot of animals. The game is real time based and we will have to do diferent choires with the habitants of the village. In this game you can do almoast verything you want: going fishing, go for a walk…Seguir leyendo

Download Fire Emblem for Android

Nintendo has been in the last months and years developing great games for mobile apps. Obviously, this change of strategy is a way to adapt to the recent times, where the market is passing through mobile developing. Responding to this situation, they have launched Miitomo, the first great game of Nintendo. Now, we have recieve the notice that another game is going to be release. Continue reading the article, and find…Seguir leyendo

Download FIFA 17 for Android

Today we brought to you one of the most expected games: FIFA 17. This futboll simulator game is the most recognized game in the world in his kind. Every year a new game of FIFA is relesead and everyone is better than the previous one. In this article we will be talking about FIFA 2017 and how to download it for Android phones. We have been expecting this game for…Seguir leyendo

Download Counter Strike 1.6 for Android

Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the most recognized first shooter person game. It is played by millions of people everyday and everybody loves it. The system of the game is very impressive and easy to understand and play. Each games last a set of predefined rounds, and each round last a predefined amount of minutes. There are two teams: counter terrorist and terrorist. The objective of each group is…Seguir leyendo

Download Word Flow Keyboard for Android

Word Flow Keyboard Android is a new way to write in touchscreen phones. It is very simple and fast to write long phrases and text. With Word Flow Android you will be able to write any text with only one finger, its really simple and comfortable. Forget the old way of writing and download Word Flow Keyboard Android. This app its been downloaded by millions of people and everyone is…Seguir leyendo

Download London Marathon 2016 app for Android

Today we are going to present the spectacular application of the 2016 London Marathon where you can find information about it, prices, flights, hotels, tour itineraries , practical information and much more. Download London Marathon App for Android. A record number of 247,069 people have applied for a quota for the 2016 edition of the London Marathon, after holding registration online for five days. More than 55 % of applications…Seguir leyendo