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Download Pokemon IV Calculator for Android

We present you Pokemon IV Calculator for Android, the new app to improve your performance at Pokemon Go game. The real fanatics of the game will found this app very interesting as it will help them to be the best Pokemon Trainer ever. Continue reading to find out how to download Pokemon IV Calculator for Android and be a part of the adventure. Pokemon IV Calculator for Android is one…Seguir leyendo

Download Duo for Android

We present you the last application of Google. It’s name is Duo and you sholud have it in your Android smartphone. It is about a new app of communication that compites with Whatsapp and other apps. You are going to be able to do easy calls without cost. Continue reading to find out how to Download Duo app APK for Android.  Immediately you download Duo by Google, all your smartphone…Seguir leyendo

Download Live Map Go for Android

We present you Live Map Go, the new app for all the Pokemon’s Go fanatics. Why? Because is the firs app that could help you to be the best pokemon trainer. This incredible novelty is that downloading Live Map Go you are going to track all Pokemon around the world in real time because you will be noticed when they spawn near you. Continue reading how to Download Live Map Go app in…Seguir leyendo

Download Spyro the Dragon for Android

Spyro the Dragon is a platform game developed by Insomniac Games for Android. It stars Spyro the Dragon, a young purple dragon. The game takes place in the Dragon Realms, a sprawling world of much topographical and biological diversity, ornate structures and abundant treasure. Download Spyro the Dragon for Android. You have to complete 5 worlds to win the game, each world with several levels. The game has colorful scenarios and a great sonour band….Seguir leyendo


Download WeChat for Android

We present you WeChat, the new app for messaging and phone calls that would improve your communication with your family, relatives, and friends all around the world. WeChat offers you the opportunity to have all in one: you can send messages, do phone calls and videocalls. Moreover, you will be able to share pictures and emoticons. You can use it with Wi-Fi and also with your mobile data. Continue reading…Seguir leyendo

Download Championship Manager 17 for Android

Championship Manager 17 is a simulator game for Android in wich you have to manage your football team. Choose from more than 450 clubs to manage, across 12 countries and 25 leagues. With tens of thousands of players available to sign its time to live the dream and take control of your club. Develop your players, design training programmes for the team and deliver more productive sessions with the all new Intensive…Seguir leyendo

Download Pokemon Moon for Android

Pokemon Moon is the first game of the seventh Pokemon generations games. The game developed by Nintendo introduce us a new region named Alola, a lot of new pokemons to catch and train, new challanges, leaders and the Team Skull. Download Pokemon Moon for Android. This new generations will bring to pokemon the Z moves, a new system of Poke Ride in wich we can fly with one of our pokemon,…Seguir leyendo

Download Pokemon Sun for Android

Pokemon Sun is the first game of the seventh generation of Pokemon games. This new generations brings pokemons new mechanics, pokemons, areas and moves. Download Pokemon Sun for Android. Your new adventure in Pokemon Sun takes place on an archipelago of tropical islands. Four nature filled islands and one man made island comprise the Alola region. The Alola region is also known as a resort area. Tourists travel to it from all over…Seguir leyendo

Download FastPokeMap for Android

With the release of Pokemon Go a lot of apps have been developed to help trainers catch their favorite Pokemon. One of the most recognized of those apps was PokeRadar, but now that the app is no longer available we are bringing to you its best succesor: FastPokeMap. If you dont want to walk around all your city to find that special Pokemon download FastPokeMap for Android to see in…Seguir leyendo

Tricks for Father.io

We offer you some Tricks for Father.io app, the new game developed at real time. This is about a massively multiplayer shooter, your smartphone become a weapon to fight against and shoot another players that, as you, are playing this amazing game in the street. Continue reading to find out how to get the best Tricks for Father.io app.  Once you have download Father.io App Apk you will use your…Seguir leyendo