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Download FastPokeMap for Android

With the release of Pokemon Go a lot of apps have been developed to help trainers catch their favorite Pokemon. One of the most recognized of those apps was PokeRadar, but now that the app is no longer available we are bringing to you its best succesor: FastPokeMap. If you dont want to walk around all your city to find that special Pokemon download FastPokeMap for Android to see in…Seguir leyendo

Tricks for Father.io

We offer you some Tricks for Father.io app, the new game developed at real time. This is about a massively multiplayer shooter, your smartphone become a weapon to fight against and shoot another players that, as you, are playing this amazing game in the street. Continue reading to find out how to get the best Tricks for Father.io app.  Once you have download Father.io App Apk you will use your…Seguir leyendo

Download Pokémon Uranium for Android

A new version of Pokémon GO created and designed by a group of fans where players will find more than 150 Pokémon (all brand new) with the aim of achieving 8 medals every gym Tandor League is available. Download Uranium Pokémon for Android. For this opportunity we offer this spectacular app pokemon uranium because it has generated records downloads in the official Android store. We recommend you to continue reading…Seguir leyendo

Download Father.io for Android

We present you the new app for Android called Father.io, one of the most downloaded games at the moment. The game is developed in a virtual reality where you are the protagonist. It sounds incredible but you will have to use your Smartphone as a weapon. Technically, the game is about a massively multiplayer shooter, this means that you will be able to fight with your Smartphone against another players…Seguir leyendo


Download Fake GPS for Android

With the release of Pokemon Go many players are wondering if there is a way to play the game without leaving the room. The answer is yes and Fake GPS is the app that allow you to do that. Fake GPS is an app that makes the phone think that you are on a different place. This Android app is really simple to use, you just have to turn it…Seguir leyendo

Download PokeMessenger Bot for Android

PokeMessenger Bot is a Facebook app for Pokemon Go that knows everything about the game. After the firsts weeks of lauching Pokemon Go several apps have appeard and this is one of the best. When you open PokeMessenger Bot with your Facebook account a bot will help you in many aspects of the game. One of the most powerful tools of this Android app is that it can tell you…Seguir leyendo

Download No Man´s Sky for Android

No Man´s Sky is one of the most expected games for Android and it has finally arrived. This ambicious and amazing game has a whole universe inside it, and you can explore it all. No Man’s Sky is an exploration and survival game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe. Whether a distant mountain or a planet hanging low on the horizon, you can go forth there. Thanks to their amazing…Seguir leyendo

Download Apple TV Remote App

The new TV Remote app is available in the App Store which is compatible with previous and includes a dedicated virtual assistance button. Download Apple TV Remote App. With Apple TV Remote App facilities have when writing text in fields, one of the biggest complaints when sessions start entering or searching the Apple TV. It also features Game mode that lets you change the configuration of the buttons so that it…Seguir leyendo

Download Tutu App for Android

Tutu App is  an Android app that will allow you to install and use paid apps for free. This great app will let you download and install paid applications for free, without haing to jailbreak your phone. This is a great app for people who dont want or cant jailbreak his phone. If you always wanted to use that paid app, or play that paid game, but you just doesnt…Seguir leyendo

Download Harry Potter GO for Android

Niantic, having revolutionized the world with Pokémon GO has announced that it is focusing on a new innovation that generare impact on the world. This time, it is Harry Potter GO, other virtual reality game where we can enter the world of magic and adventure. Download Harry Potter GO for Android. For this opportunity we offer this spectacular Harry Potter GO app because it has generated records downloads in the…Seguir leyendo