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Download Medal of Honor for Android

Medal of Honor is a spectacular shooter and adventure where you have to prove you’re as skilled with weapons, tactics and strategies. You will lead a large army to victory. Download Medal of Honor for Android. For this opportunity we offer this spectacular app Medal of Honor because it has generated records downloads in the official Android store. We recommend you to continue reading in the bottom of the article…Seguir leyendo

Download Crash Bandicoot for Android

Today we present one of the best games of PlayStation called Crash Bandicoot, which is now available for you to play on your Android Smartphone. Download Crash Bandicoot for Android. Crash Bandicoot is a video game series platforms, distributed by the company Sony Computer Entertainment, and its main character a pet named Crash to which we help in all its missions. This lived quietly in her Wumpa Island, when the…Seguir leyendo

Download BitTorrent Now for Android

BitTorrent Now is definitely the best place to enjoy videos and music from all your favorite artists with endless songs, videos, series and more. You can also personalize your experience through Facebook, Google+ or any email to follow your favorite singers and get all their information about them. Download BitTorrent Now for Android. With BitTorrent Now you can follow, track and be aware of all your favorites in the entertainment and…Seguir leyendo

Download StephMoji for Android

A new Emoji from Steph Curry, one of the best basketball players in the time is available. You can download and use thousands of emoji of your favorite NBA player. Download StephMoji for Android. For this opportunity we offer this spectacular app Stephmoji because it has generated records downloads in the official Android store. We recommend you to continue reading in the bottom of the article find a link so…Seguir leyendo


Download Mario Party Star Rush for Android

Mario Party Star Rush is a board game developed by Nintendo for Android starring his most recognized characters: Mario, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Pincess Peach, Yoshi and Toad. In this game you can compete against up to 3 opponent in a big board. The game is played by turns. In each turn you have to throw two dices and advance as many points you get. There are seeveral type of places…Seguir leyendo

Download Layout from Instagram for Android

Layout is the last app from Instagram that allow the users to make incredible designs by combining your photos in different ways. You can choose the photos from your gallery or choose the photo cabin to take a series of photos in little time. These photos you have chosen will combine in many different ways and you can keep the designs you like the most. You ca also edit the…Seguir leyendo

Download Prisma for Android

Today we will present Prisma, the best tool to convert all your photos into a work of art recognized worldwide. The application is free and is based on filters that use neural network technology. Download Prisma for Android. Now with Prisma make works of art is much simpler. You can make what you want in a work of art known worldwide. The photos have been all the rage in Instagram…Seguir leyendo

Download Injustice 2 for Android

Injustice 2 is the sequel of the great game Gods Among Us, that makes the grates heroes from DC comics fight each other to save the world. Developed by the creators of Mortal Kombat this title presents characters like Batman, Superman, The Joker and other recognised heroes and villains from DC Comics. Heroes and villains will engage in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line…Seguir leyendo

Download Battlefield 1 for Android

Battlefield 1 as we all know is a first-person shooter distributed by Electronic Arts and is the tenth fourth game in the Battlefield series. For this opportunity will be set in the First World War. Download Battlefield 1 for Android. You know different players as you go forward in history and visit different countries, such as France, Italy and Arabia. As always it presents large quantities of weapons such as…Seguir leyendo

Download Apple Maps for Android

Apple Maps gives you spoken indications in real time and previewed 3D maps. All is based in vectors, so you can zoom in an out as much as you want. When you need to reach a place you dont know, Maps will guide you without doubts and quick. If you have to take public transport Maps will tell you in wich line you have to go, where do you need…Seguir leyendo