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Download Mega Man for Android

Mega Man most commonly known as Mega Man Classic Series is a new video game based on a futurist character that is not more than a robot.

The game has a particularity, its character is a child and for that reason he has different feelings against battles or even when he is walking through the path. This thrilling video game involves strengh, will and wisdom, all together make the game so challeging.

The characters can be chosen and during the fights they prove to have many powers. For example, one of them has the power of fire. If you choose the right moment to through a catching fire ball, you will succesfully destroy your enemy. However, your enemies are also prepared, so you have to be careful when to be able to attack.

Another character has the power of the electricity. It reach the 380 vls of electricity and can make the enemy suffer. Unluckily, this power doesn´t destroy the enemy, it only delayed them.

Do you want to try it for once? You only need a cell phone with Android S.O and a frequent wifi in order to charge the levels.

Click the link beneath to download Mega Man  and be the best on this video game!

Download Mega Man for Android

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