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How to find pokemons in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go its the new game developed by Nintendo, in colaboration with Niantic, for Android phones. Millions of people are playing it and its the new trend all ver the world. The game uses aumented reality, so we are able to see pokemons in our neighbour, parks and cities. Its an innovating technology that makes a lot of people dream true. You can catch all the 721 pokemons, level them up, evolve them and battle against other users and gym leaders. But one of the problems in the game is that, sometimes none pokemon appear in our map. In this article we will show you how to catch pokemons in Pokemon Go.

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In Pokemon Go you have to go outside and walk, so your character  in the game moves along the map. You have to find every specie of Pokemon, knowing that each type appears in different zones and areas of the real world. This mechanics are really awesome and its one of the first games to unify games with the real world. But in some coutries there is a problem, the pokemons doesnt appear and you can walk for several hours without founding a single one. If you want to resolve this problem you just have to download this apk, install it, and play Pokemon Go from this apk.

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