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Geometry Dash World for Android

As the tittle announces, the geometry dash world game is so full of shapes and colors that you have to be able to control yourself before loosing control. Try this new edition for android that has just being spread up in the media.

This fantastic new game is conbined with  defined graphics and flour colours as well as a series of obstacles for you to succed. The logistic of Geometry Dash word is not different from other games such as Mario Bross, but it can be challenging as the shapes and colours make you get confuse to fulfill the level.

The idea is to be patient and be concentrated on the next obstacle that is coming for you. Your character, a cube, will have to handle with chains, picks, hills and all the geometric figures that you cannot imagine. Furthermore, you should try to get coins and lives in order not to lost and continue gaining levels.

Geometry Dash World can be played it on your cell phone, but one that has a operating System with Android.

In order to play it you have to be connected to the internet, because if you don´t your levels will not be recorded.

Click the link beneath to download Geometry Dash World.

Download Geometry Dash World for Android 


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