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Download Thimbleweed Park for Android

We have been listening of Thimbleweed Park since years ago. This super famous adventure game has already been launched for Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Xbox One. Now, the new notice is that it is going to be launched for Android and iOS, so finally we could be able to play this amazing game in our smartphones, wherever and whenever we want. Today we will bring you the date when you will be able to download Thimbleweed Park for Android. Stay reading and find out more of this.

thimbleweed park for android

This famous game is known for being one of the best point-and-click adventure games of all times, and has been developed Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick for the platform Microsoft Windows initialy. After a Kickstarter crowdfounding campaign it will be soon released for Android and iOS.

For those who doesn’t know, it is sucesor of famous previous games such as Maniac Mansion and, the most known, the Secret of Monkey Island. Following this predecessors, the game is played similarly to early graphic adventure games; it is seen from a third person perspective, with a view of the area taking up the majority of the screen, while the bottom portion is taken up by the player’s inventory and a list of verbs, such as “use”, “pick up”, and “talk to”. By clicking on a verb followed by one or two items or characters, the player character will attempt to perform the action described. An example given in the reveal trailer was “Use balloon animal with corpse”, performed by clicking on the verb “use”, the “balloon animal” item in the player’s inventory, and a corpse found in an area in the game.

Soon, the app will be released, when it is, you will see the link below to download the Thimbleweed Park APK.

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