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Download tbh for Android

It seems that nowadays, the anonymous apps are at the top of the most downloaded apps. Now we have on the App Store, tbh short for the phrase “to be honest” as the new success. After the enormous amount of downloads of Sarahah this app changes a little bit the concept of anonymity. On the one hand, it allows friends to anonymously communicate, but it only allows users to exchange compliments which are sent via in-app quizzes. Do you want to know more about this trending app? Stay reading and find out how to download To Be Honest for Android.

tbh for android

So, what is it about? Basically, it connects automatically to your address book so you can find people you know. Once this is done, it gives you a series of “polls” about your friends. The questions change but they are all positive, asking you to choose the “world’s best party planner” or who is “too lit to be legit.”. This is a very good decision, based on the fact that nowadays we are having a huge number of bullying cases.

But don’t be scared, this app keeps your identity totally in secret. Although, if someone picked you, you could have some details about this person (e.g. “a girl in the tenth grade”). It’s also has some of the addictive dynamics of freemium games, though it doesn’t use in-app purchases at the moment. We hope that soon, we will have a tbh APK to download.

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