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Download Stop Trump for Android

Even the most reluctants to politics are aware of the existance of this man, famous not only for his place, being president of United States, but for the fact that he generates controversy all around the world. Developers are of course also aware of this, and they took advantage: they created Stop Trump a game for smartphones you to have plenty of fun of this situation. We are going to tell you everything about this game, so I recomend to stay reading, you will find out how to download Stop Trump for Android.

stop trump for android

It is well known that Donald Trump has generated loyal followers but also a lot of people who is totally against his thoughts and ideas. So this game brings together this two oposite sides, and creates a funny atmosphere for everyone to have fun.

This game tooks place in the US elections of 2016, and the race for reaching the White House is trending. Donald Trump has made some comments about immigration, and british are pissed off. Be part of the Royal Army, and prevent the entrance of Trump. Moreover, you can also play in “Trumps mode”, so you will have to ensure that all your followers enters to the country. Are you ready?

Download Stop Trump for Android

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