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Download squadd.io for Android

We are pretty that you love .IO game types, and if it this is true, squadd.io is something you do not want to miss. Why do we say this? It has all the characteristics to become a true addictive game and a huge viral game in all the world. For sure is one of the best .IO games that we have tried in the last months, of course since the first one: the great and famous agar.io.

So, what is that makes this game so extraordinary? We are going to tell you everything about it. Continue reading and find out how to download squadd.io for Android.

squaddio for android

Since agar.io, that viral game that became one of the most played in history of Android games, started, as squadd.io, as a web browser online game, also played by millions of people around the world. That was the very start of .IO games, and now we have one almost every month.

But as we want to bring you the funniest games, we explain to you how to download squadd.io APK. The game consists in a legion of untiring commands gathered in a virtual battlefield. There is no way to know when this war will end, and that is one of the most incredible things! Fight against players from all over the world while tracking incredible weapons and barreling oil barrels in this intense game io.

Download squadd.io for Android

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