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Download Facetime for Android

Facetime is an Android app that allows you to make and receive videocalls. All the windows, controls and interface dissapears from the screen so you can talk without distractions. Download Facetime for Android.

There is a second window in wich you can see how the other user sees you. Everytime another user calls you, you will receive a phone call in all your Android devices conected with Facetime, although the app is closed. If you dont want to receive any call at all you can deactivate the calls in the options menu. Download Facetime APK.

Keep reading this article and you will be informed about more details of this recently released app and how to download Facetime for Android

facetime android

With Facetime you can call, talk and interact with people around the world. You just need to touch a button and a big smile to start a conversation. All Facetime calls are in high quality. It is compatible with 720 p calls. It is really easy to use, and is interface and controls are simple and funny.

Facetime takes all your contacts from your contact list of your phone and you can add shortcuts to the people you usually call. Share your jorneys and experience with people around the world. You can talk with the people you want anywhere anytime.

Download Facetime for Android

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