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Download Bully Anniversary Edition for Android

For this opportunity we are going to present the spectacular game of Bully Anniversary Edition. Rockstar continues with its tradition of creating fantastic and original games and avant-garde with ironic humor, and this time we put ourselves in a patio of a school. Download Bully Anniversary Edition for Android.

bully for android

You’ll take the character of Jimmy Hopkins, a naughty fifteen-year-old, and ascend the social hierarchy of the Bullworth Academy, a corrupt and decaying private college. You will have to face abusers, withstand the pressure of the teachers in each matter, you must defeat the athletes to the prisoner ball. In addition to spend jokes, conquer or lose the girl and survive a year in the worst school you can find. Are you ready to play it? Download Bully Anniversary Edition app.

Friends Challenges are small arcade-style games in which players everywhere will face each other face-to-face in class to see who dissects the fastest frog in Biology and see who is the best. To solve word problems in Tongue, to help a flying squirrel destroy its enemies with acorns in Nut Shots and more. Below we will present a link so you can download the game from the official store.

Download Bully for Android

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