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Download Brawl Stars for Android

On this opportunity we present Brawl Stars, a shooter game with aerial view that starts with a basic level realased by Supercell.. You can choose among more than 15 characters to play and each one of them have an especial abilitiy, so you can decide which one fits with your own strategy. The objetive is to find the opponent’s treasures to achieve the largest number of jewels. Download Brawls Stars for Android.

There are four game modes at the moment. The first one is showdown where the objetive is only to survive and there are at least 10 players and you will have to break the boxes that appear to gain lives and strength for your characters. The second one, is Bounty, this game mode is 3 vs 3 and you only have 3 minutes to achieve the objetive. It is to get more stars that your opponents by ingwin the battle against each one of your enemies. Download Brawl Stars App APK. 

The third one is Smash Grab, on this mode you are going to play against another three players, it is located in a mine, where you and your opponents will have to take at least 10 crystals and defend them for 10 seconds. The last one is Heist, this time is 3 against 3 again. One of the teams will have a mision: destroy and attack the other team’s security box, that is the only way to win the game, if you do not achieve the objetive, the other team wins. Download Brawl Stars for Android.

On the link below, we are going to leave you the link to download it easily and quickly, do not lose the opportunity.

Download Brawl Stars for Android

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