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Download Blitter for Android

The fantastic new app we have for all of you today is a social network that is getting lots of good reviews in iOS app store, and it is becoming one of the most downloaded social networks apps in the last days. If you enjoy social networks, expressing yourselves freely without being attacked or insulted, this is your right app. Stay reading and find out more about this, and how to download Blitter for Android.

blitter for android

Blitter is a social network that is very similar to Twitter, but with something that sets it apart from others: there is no place for hate, and as its owner description says: “Blitter is a social network built on love, passion, and empathy. Blitter does not condone racism, sexism, harassment, bots, or hate speech whatsoever.”. This is maybe the key for understanding its great impact on people, and the great reception of users. For now we can download Blitter APK, soon it will available in Play Store.

As we said, the way it works is very similar to Twitter. This is what we are able to do: make post statuses (up to 120 Characters) with photos and videos (up to 15 seconds.), like posts and leave comments with hashtags and tags for them, follow friends and favorite accounts, edit and personalize photos with 15 different types of filters and effects, record Vine-like videos with start and stop capabilities and chat privately with your followers or create group chats, among others features.

One thing that is important to know, is that if your posts or comments has racism, sexism, or hate speech content, your hole account will be delated, not only your post or comment. As always, we will leave the link below when available in Play Store.

Download Blitter for Android

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