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Download Bangfit for Android

Today we will present the first “sexejercicio” computer game which will allow users to burn calories while enjoying your sex life with your partner or groups. The app intends to lose weight in a very different and fun way. Download Bangfit for Android.

bangfit android

The app works via a mobile device, which we will put on the waist of one of the players. Thanks to the smartphone motion sensors, the Web site will detect whether you are performing the exercise correctly in each of their movements. Users will have to follow a video and messages on the screen if you are doing correctly and points are accumulated according to the sexual positions and body movements will be received. Download Bangfit APK.

For this opportunity we offer this spectacular app Bangfit because it has generated records downloads in the official Android store. We recommend you to continue reading in the bottom of the article find a link so you can download Bangfit without any inconvenience Android Store Play Store. Bangfit Android app can be downloaded via 3G, Wi-Fi or some other means of Internet you have.

We invite you to download it and invite all your friends to be part of this great application also. Download Bangfit APK.

It is very easy to download and install. You will have no problem in doing so. We also recommend you visit the other items on the Web where you will find the best apps the moment, technology news and much important information from the world of Android.

Download Bangfit for Android

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