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Download Android n mr 1

On this opportunity we present Android n mr 1 is the new operating system available for you. It does not make major changes to the way your phone looks or the way it “feels.” But what Google has done under the hood brings some new features — and much needed polish — to your favorite smartphone operating system. Continue reading to know more about this new novelty and at the end of this post, you can download it easily and quickly. Download Android n mr 1. 


Android n mr 1 takes the best from Android Marshmallow, discard a few things and put a lot of changes and improvements. The operating system is designed so the devices use less battery and we can use them for long time without a single charge. Discover all the Android 7.1 Features. Download Android n mr. 

If you have a smartphone or tablet with Android we recommend you to update to Android Nougat 7.1.1. The last Android operating system: Marshmallow 6.0 had a lot of new features and characteristics, enhancing androids functionality and aspect. Now Android n mr 1 has arrived with a lot of new features that you will enjoy as an Android user. Download Android n mr 1. 

MAking a click on the link below, you are downloading this new operative system easily, safely and quickly.

Download Android n mr 1

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