Download Ink Hunter for Android

Today we are going to present a new market novelty. An interesting application that aims to show you how you would a tattoo in real time on any part of your body. For those undecided and do not know how they could become a real tattoo, we will bring the solution. Download InkHunter for Android. With this app, users will see as will become a tattoo before they let them….Seguir leyendo

Recipes for Android

We always have a big problem when it comes to lunch or dinner on let’s cook and we can do with the ingredients you have. Today we are going to propose a great application on how to make your meals are surprised , successful and above all delicious . This is an app where you will find the best recipes of the experienced hand of the best cooks in all…Seguir leyendo

Download Skin for Agar.io

For this new opportunity in the day we present the most famous game in the moment that is call Agar.io where you have to eat cell and smaller players. As you eat players you will become increasingly large and can eat other larger players. Find spiky green balls like a sun in if you are smaller they can hide you from your enemies Agar.io. But if you’re older you’ll explode and lose if you…Seguir leyendo