Download Live Map Go for Android

We present you Live Map Go, the new app for all the Pokemon’s Go fanatics. Why? Because is the firs app that could help you to be the best pokemon trainer. This incredible novelty is that downloading Live Map Go you are going to track all Pokemon around the world in real time because you will be noticed when they spawn near you. Continue reading how to Download Live Map Go app in…Seguir leyendo

Download Apple TV Remote App

The new TV Remote app is available in the App Store which is compatible with previous and includes a dedicated virtual assistance button. Download Apple TV Remote App. With Apple TV Remote App facilities have when writing text in fields, one of the biggest complaints when sessions start entering or searching the Apple TV. It also features Game mode that lets you change the configuration of the buttons so that it…Seguir leyendo

Download Celebs Like Me App for iOS

You have probably always wondered “what celebs look like me?”. This question was often answered by your friends, relatives or even by yourself. Well, now, thanks to the advance of technology and the creativity of developers, we have an app that tells us what celeb do you look alike. Continue reading this article, you will find how to download Celebs Like Me App for iOS. I am pretty shure that all the…Seguir leyendo